1. Terms of Use
Regarding absolutely any and all information you choose to use/reuse/apply from this site, know that you are doing so at your own risk! Even though I’m a beacon of (mostly useless) information, I will be wrong here and there. Unless it’s a matter of opinion, in which case I’m probably right and you’re definitely wrong.

2. Copyright Policy
Unless otherwise noted, any and all information found here is copyright me! Honestly, I’d love for you to use it, repost it or improve upon it. Crediting me with use would be pretty cool, but I’m not going to hunt you down or anything if you don’t. Just be cool, man.

3. Hold Harmless
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4. Privacy Statement
Nothing grinds my gears more than getting a ton of bullshit email that I didn’t sign up for. I won’t sell your personal information or sign you up for emails without getting your permission beforehand. Clean inboxes keep visitors happy! That said, I cannot responsible for any practices of my advertisers or blog commenters, but will do my best to keep them in check.

5. Reserve Rights
I reserve the right to do whatever I damn well please with this website. Whether that’s a change in focus, abrupt shut-down, selling out (currently accepting offers), changes to the terms of use or some other hair-brained idea, I will do so at my discretion.

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7. Letters to the Editor
When you send me messages, emails, tweets, etc. ownership of said communication becomes mine. Whether you think it’s relevant or not, I reserve the right to use it in my writing. I will do my best to block out sensitive information that you may send my way, but your name, email, avatar and other relevant pieces of information are fair game for use here or elsewhere. Anything that doesn’t get properly censored is your fault! Why’d you send it to me anyways?